Best LED products for your smart lighting system

With outstanding advantages such as high efficiency, energy-saving, and long life, LED bulbs are popularized in the smart lighting system. It is increasingly used in popularity and gradually replaces traditional lamps. LED lights are also very diverse in models. Depending on the space and purpose of use, customers can choose the most suitable product type.

Let Sao Nam refer to the following types of LED lighting to upgrade your building!

LED downlight for the smart lighting system

LED Downlight is very suitable for a smart lighting system in homes, offices, or commercial centers,… Besides, the lights also have a variety of designs, providing different styles for your space. LED downlights will create a light space but extremely delicate and luxurious. Meanwhile, square LED lights will be a unique highlight, bringing a different and extremely attractive style to the room.

Not only that, but LED downlights also have many color temperatures for you to choose from, suitable for different interior styles such as bright white, yellow, or neutral.

If you want a lamp with all three colors to change according to your preferences, the recessed lights with three smart color modes will be the choice for you. Good illumination and high aesthetics have made LED recessed lights one of the most popular types of LED lighting.


  • The lamp base is designed in a round shape, integrated with a heat sink. The lamp body is installed inside the opening of the ceiling.
  • The lamp has a luminous efficiency of more than 130lm/w, with a modern and beautiful design. Recessed lighting will add beauty to space.
  • Long lamp life, more than 50,000 hours, thereby saving repair costs.
  • CRI index reaches more than 85 Ra for the most realistic light.

LED ceiling lighting

The LED ceiling lighting is a type of light that is mounted on the surface of the ceiling. In addition to lighting, the lamp is also used for decoration because it has various designs, textures, and colors, which are suitable for many types of space. LED ceiling lights have diverse lighting systems, from type 1 lighting systems to type 2 or 3 lighting systems.

Besides, the lights also have many colors to choose from, such as white light or yellow light. Brightness levels can also vary from strong to light, allowing homeowners to customize to suit each space and usage situation.

Most notably, new generation LED technology is used in the lamp. This helps to ensure good and stable lighting performance for LED ceiling lights while maintaining a long lifespan in the smart lighting system. Ceiling lights are suitable for all rooms in the house and suitable for large spaces such as commercial centers, restaurants, or hotels…


  • The lamp is designed differently from other lights when mounted on the ceiling surface by the frame and screw.
  • Power varied from 6w to 36w.
  • High luminous efficiency from 110lm/w to 130 lm/w, but simultaneously saves up to 70% power.
  • The color rendering index up to 90 Ra will give natural light and not cause glare or dazzle.
  • The average lamp life is from 40,000 to 65,000 hours.
  • There are four main designs: round ceiling led lights, square; rectangle; and patterned type.

LED panel light

LED panel lights are lamps with a large, thin, square, or rectangular design. The lamp uses LED lighting technology with high-end LED chips that provide quality and high-performance light for your smart lighting system.

Besides, this type of LED lighting is also very energy-efficient, so it is suitable for many different spaces. We can easily see LED panel lights used for the lighting system of many houses, buildings, or modern office areas, achieving high lighting performance and ensuring aesthetics.


  • LED panel lights are similar to other ceiling lights, including led chips, led source, and led housing.
  • Design rectangular or square panels with various sizes such as 300×300, 600×600, 1200×300, or 1200×600, …
  • Diverse power, corresponding to different sizes from 18w, 24w, to 36w,…
  • Lighting efficiency reaches more than 100lm/w, saving power up to 70% compared to incandescent lamps.
  • Long life, more than 50000 hours, for long-term stable light.

LED tube lights

LED tube lights are one of the most commonly used LED lighting in homes. The product has a long tube design without the use of ballasts and starters to light up immediately. Therefore, the light will not cause flickering like conventional fluorescent lights.

Besides, LED tube lights also have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours and save 70-80% compared to traditional lamps. This is why more and more families are switching from fluorescent or incandescent lamps to modern LED tube lights.

The lamp has many colors for customers to choose from, such as white light or yellow light. In addition, the light trough can be in the form of a double or double ball, suitable for a variety of space needs. So LED tube lights are also used a lot for offices, restaurants, hotels, or small and medium factory areas,…


  • The lights are designed separately with LED tubes of different sizes such as 1m2, 2m2, …
  • The design is similar to a fluorescent lamp, but inside contains a large number of led chips. Efficiency 100 – 130lm/w, three times higher than fluorescent lamps.
  • LED tube lights are durable, with a lifespan of over 50,000 hours.
  • The lamp is safe to use, does not cause flickering, flickering like fluorescent lamps.
  • Environmental friendliness.

LED indirect lighting

LED indirect lighting will be placed on drywall or wood when constructing the ceiling. This type of LED lighting has many colors, so in addition to lighting effects, it can also be used to decorate and increase the shimmer of space. Depending on the intended use, you can choose from different types of LED lights.

If you want to increase the room’s brightness, choose LED tube form; If you want to beautify the space, LED wire lights will be the choice for you. LED indirect lights can help bring luxury and modern beauty to space, so they are often used for the smart lighting system in living rooms, hotel lobbies, restaurants, showrooms, museums, etc. Products are often combined with recessed lights to ensure the best brightness.


  • LED indirect lights are usually installed in the middle of the ceiling, creating a focal point for space.
  • Tube or wire design can be connected in series during installation.
  • High durability, long life from 50,000 hours to more than 65,000 hours.
  • LED indirect lights save energy optimally, reducing electricity costs for users

LED bulb

LED bulbs have a design similar to incandescent bulbs, so they have a classic and modern beauty. It can replace other lamps for overall lighting in homes or offices.

Besides, you can also combine LED bulbs with wires and ceiling metal light frames to decorate your garden, coffee shop, or restaurant,… This will be the perfect couple because of its portability regarding disassembly, repair, and the ability to adjust the height to fit each space.

The product has high lighting efficiency, variety of power and can save up to 80% of electricity. At the same time, you can choose between plastic or aluminum body lights to match each type of space style. With a reasonable price and compact size, this will be an attractive LED lighting option for your space.


  • Design is different from conventional LED lights. The lamp has a vertical cylindrical shape; the round bulb is similar to an incandescent lamp: anti-aging, impact-resistant plastic-coated aluminum housing.
  • Using high-reliability LED Chip
  • Lighting efficiency up to 130lm/w, but energy-saving 2-3 times compared to traditional lamps.
  • High quality of light (CRI > 80) increases the ability to recognize the colors of objects.
  • Wide voltage range of 150 – 250V to meet the grid voltage range in Vietnam.
  • The lifespan of up to 65,000 hours, 5 times longer than incandescent bulbs.
  • Integrated radar sensing capabilities.

Sao Nam specializes in designing and constructing smart lighting systems for homes, architectural works, hotels, etc… In addition, we are also the official distributor of lighting products, equipment, LED bulbs, and smart electrical equipment of Philips. Philips LED bulbs with new lighting technology meet all the criteria of durability, beauty, saving 85% of electricity, bringing benefits to everyone, and consumer activities in life with beautiful and sophisticated design.

LED lighting meets European and international standards for safety, tightness, quality assurance, non-harmful substances, or emit light rays that adversely affect humans and the environment. Sao Nam confidently provides a wide range of LED lights for all your needs.

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