How to design effective landscape architectural lighting solutions?

In parks or flower gardens, the landscape architectural lighting solutions combine with trees to create spectacular and relaxing spaces. The electrical lighting systems will make an extraordinarily charming and splendid space with colored light strips at night. Let’s find out the most optimal electrical lighting solutions for the park with Sao Nam!

Principles of landscape architectural lighting design

When designing landscape architectural lighting solutions, we must ensure the lighting level according to the prescribed standards and pay special attention to decorative and aesthetic factors.

Lighting styles (lamps, lampposts) should be identical and be suitable for the landscape and architectural spaces.

Depending on the form and size of each park or flower garden, the electrical lighting system may follow some below components:

– General lighting of the entrance area: ensure the specified lighting level.

– Lighting of outdoor activities area: ensure the specified lighting level.

– Outdoor street lighting: ensure the specified level of illumination, and give pedestrians a clear sense of the shape and direction of the road.

– Landscape lighting: lawns, flower beds, water surfaces.

– Lighting to create decorative backdrops: using floodlights arranged under trees and on trees.

– Lighting to create architectural highlights such as fountains, clusters, and rockery.

Some must-know technical standards when designing landscape architectural lighting solutions

To achieve optimal performance for the landscape architectural lighting solutions, its system must comply with strict technical standards:

The average horizontal illuminance in parks and flower gardens must not be less than the prescribed value.

– The ratio between the maximum horizontal and the average horizontal illuminance value should not exceed:
+ 3: 1 – In the case of standard average illuminance above 6 lx.
+ 5: 1 – In the case of standard average illuminance from 4 lx to 6 lx.
+ 10: 1 – In case the standard average illuminance is less than 4 lx.

The electrical lighting fixtures must be able to limit glare well. The position, height of the lamp, and projection angle need to be calculated not to cause glare.

The selected light source should have a spectral composition suitable for the environment where it has many trees. You should use the cold white color lights to create a feeling of coolness and relaxation.

How to choose the right lighting fixtures?

The effectiveness of the landscape architecture lighting solutions depends heavily on designing and laying lighting fixtures out. It combines many types of different lights with separate functions. Therefore, the lighting designer must understand deeply about the electrical lighting system.

Street lighting systems

The lights with beautiful, harmonious, and small designs are placed on the lawns to illuminate the park and bring their aesthetics. In the flower garden or the park, we can choose lights with elegant designs, harmonious colors and arrange them along the path to create accents. It will definitely make you seize a great relaxation whenever walking here.

For the main paths in the park, you can choose low-power street lighting systems such as 50W LED street lights. We can take advantage of its durability; soft light not to cause glare for pedestrians. In addition, the lamp has an excellent energy-saving ability, with its lifetime is up to 50,000 hours. The lighting devices that come with street lights will often be cleverly arranged not to affect the area’s aesthetics.

Architectural lighting fixtures

Architectural lighting fixtures highlight the typical architectural features of the building by illumination to create a more attractive, vivid, and vibrant for the building or park at night.

Artistic lighting for architecture will create exciting and unexpected effects when the electrical lighting system highlights people and architecture. The designer will deliver design methods from the calculations, combining different lighting equipment and systems to make the park shimmering.

Lighting for green trees, miniatures, underwater

The lighting for trees, miniatures or poles, gate pillars will highlight them. Some suitable lamps can be used:

LED underground lighting:

– Round underground lights: Projecting walkways, lighting columns, gate pillars, trees, small landscape…
+ Small capacity of 3 – 5 – 6 – 9w: lighting for walkways, rockery for small landscape decoration.
+ Larger capacity 6 – 9 – 12 – 15w: Project trees, gate pillars, outdoor columns.
+ Large capacity: 18 – 24 – 30w: Use large tree projection mats, flagpole projection, park gate pillars, …

– Square and rectangular ground lights: Reflecting on the foot of the fence, corridor, aisle, base of the staircase, gate pillar … (depending on the location on choosing the appropriate capacity)

Underground COB:

– More reflectors, creating depth of projection.
+ Using COB chip to enhance brightness, luminous flux of 100 -110 lumens/W.
+ Application for wide lighting range.

LED lawn lights:

– Application: Shining dust, trees, corridors, walkways…
+ Small capacity: small dust projection, small trees (3 – 5 – 7 – 9w over 5m trees)
+ Large capacity: large tree projection (10 – 15 – 20w over 5 – 10m)
+ Trees over 10m: switch to floodlights.
+ We can use some LED lawn lights for column lighting, outdoor stone painting, bridge lighting, etc.

Underwater LED lighting:

+ Brackets: Projection for swimming pools, small pools, fish tanks, fountains, underwater architectures…
+ Wheels: Mainly used in combination with nozzles in artistic lighting works, water music …

– Structure: Underwater LED light body is made of 304 stainless steel, ensuring high durability in harsh underwater environments. The lamp is designed in a monolithic design, the surface layer is reinforced with tempered glass, and the rubber gasket is waterproof, guaranteed to IP68 standards, and can be submerged in water.

To ensure the best landscape architectural lighting solutions for your location, you understand the electrical lighting systems and cooperate with professional lighting contractors.

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