How is the advanced smart street lighting system?

Hệ thống chiếu sáng thông minh dành cho đường phố có gì tiên tiến?

Nowadays, a smart street lighting system is becoming more necessary than ever. They not only enhance the city’s aesthetic but also are environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Therefore, let’s find out with Sao Nam the advanced smart street lighting system!

The optimal benefits of a smart street lighting system

smart street lighting

Smart street lighting systems take advantage of information technology and advanced lighting fixtures. Amount of urbanizing citizens in the big cities around the world adore using. They bring many optimal benefits:

Energy-saving: Currently, the street lighting system accounts for 3% of the world’s electricity consumption. Therefore, using smart lighting systems can save 40-50% of energy rather than traditional ones. It is integrated with the high long-life LED lighting technologies and systems consuming less power. In particular, LEDs consume 40% less energy than common ones, maybe save maximally up to 80% of electricity.

Reduce CO2 emissions: Every year, street lighting gets rid of more than 5% of GHG (greenhouse gas) in the air in the world. Therefore, using a smart street lighting system can significantly reduce global CO2 emissions. It is estimated that we can reduce about 1,400 megatons by 2030 and can prevent 600,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

Connectivity and control automatically: Smart street lighting systems for street lights will be managed remotely by a central controlling system. At the same time, it is easy for devices to connect quickly.

The accurate and quick information security: The remote controlling technology and Internet platform will help the city manage the lighting system easily, accurately, and transparently. Moreover, electrical incidents such as the power cut… will be transmitted to the server quickly, helping to maintain rapidly and timely.

Improve the safety of the transport system: Smart lighting systems contribute optimal luminaries for streets and enhance the city’s safety and aesthetic.

Replacing traditional street lights with LED/HID lights trend

smart street lighting

The most striking feature of a smart street lighting system is the optimal LED/HID lighting fixtures. LED can save energy from 50 to 70% rather than traditional ones, especially high-pressure mercury lamps. In addition, LED’s lifetime is five-time as much as traditional ones.
Moreover, an LED/HID lighting system, so smart and flexible, helps you manage, maintain, and monitor the system easily. You can also adjust the color, intensity, and direction to suit the weather conditions and areas.

LED street lighting systems also increase safety for drivers and pedestrians. More than 80% of people feel safer with white light at the same light intensity than with traditional solutions. LED has white light as natural light, giving a feeling of realism and comfort. It also makes it easier for road users to detect hazards.

Make use of renewable energy sources for illuminating

smart street lighting

Smart street lighting systems also use renewable energy sources to generate electricity. Many big cities have used solar or wind energy for their lights. Solar panels will be attached directly to the light paddles to collect power, saving a lot of money to operate their street lighting systems. Besides, it helps to protect the environment, reduce the greenhouse effect and deplete non-renewable energy sources.

Managing and controlling by the intelligent control system and IoT

You can automatically control the smart street lighting system about the brightness, color, lighting function, energy saving, etc., to suit the user’s needs. This system will include the following main components:

  • LED/HID lighting system
  • Light sensor (infrared or radar)
  • Light controller (Switch, motion detection sensors)
  • Internet network (Can connect to Wifi or 3G/4G or connect wirelessly)

Controlling the light source, the light time has become more accessible, saving energy and maximizing lighting performance.

Ensure lighting standards

smart street lighting

Lighting systems are always required to meet lighting standards. So lighting designers must be creative to ensure aesthetics, safety, and performance for systems. First, the smart street lighting system must strictly comply with the values ​​of luminance, opacity, and uniformity for each different terrain, ensuring visual safety for drivers and pedestrians.

In addition, each lighting network must maximize lighting efficiency and save energy. Designers will often pay attention to the lifetime of lamps, lighting fixtures, power factor, and energy levels to consider the best combination with the appropriate microcontrollers. All smart lighting systems must connect to a handy control and management system to manage data and network parameters.

Efficiently integrated other systems to create a smart network

smart street lighting

The street light system can also connect to many other systems such as surveillance camera systems, city Wifi transmitter systems, environmental measurement systems.. to create an ecosystem in the city. They can use the same infrastructure, power, and transmission network with street lighting systems—for example, the security camera system embedded in the lighting system to monitor public areas. Or an environmental sensor can provide data on humidity, temperature, and air quality is integrated into the lighting system. Government not only ensures the city’s beauty but can optimize the performance of this network with less energy.

Reporting and maintenance by an efficient technology system

Nowadays, smart street lighting systems will be integrated into analysis, incident reports, and maintenance plan systems. There is no need to spend too much money on periodic inspections or human resources to check electrical poles, wire networks, etc. It’s all monitored and controlled by an intuitive web application model that can access anywhere, anytime.

Thanks to the network, the data will be transmitted quickly, transparently, and accurately, allowing to improve the overall operation of the street lighting system.

Smart street lighting systems play an essential role and are the trend of all countries in the world. It contributes to the urban beauty of civilized, modern, and environmentally friendly cities.

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