Explore the best electrical lighting design for a flat

The investors quite attend to electrical lighting design for a flat. You must implement and have a plan early. The designer often creates the same flat solutions and begins to execute them since the rough part of the building is completed. Let’s Sao Nam explore the electrical lighting design for a flat!

Why should you have Downlight electrical lighting design for flats?

There are many electrical lighting design solutions for flats, such as using can lights, 1m2 bulbs, and LED downlights. In particular, Philips LED downlight is the best efficient lighting solution.

Using the can light, and the 1m2 lights seem to be no longer aesthetic for space because the flat’s ceiling is relatively low. Therefore, installing 1m2 bulbs will be pretty rough and inappropriate. With the can light, it will be better but still not very aesthetically pleasing. Thus, LED Downlight Philips is the perfect choice for quality, price, and aesthetics.

Nowadays, Philips LED Downlights are no longer as expensive as in the past. They have become popular lighting fixtures and are easy to find anywhere. The lowest price of the product is currently only 90,000 VND. You can own the high-end products for your flats.

So what are LED Downlight product lines?

LED Downlight has many product lines. They are various power factors from 3.5W, 5W…20W with many different hole diameters to support your flat’s space. For example, you can use high power factors for the living room and lower power factors for the kitchen and bedroom. In addition, you can consider using hanging lights and LED strings to enhance your flat’s beauty.

Moreover, you should pay more attention to aesthetics and product quality. For example, Compact bulbs or Fluorescent products are very easily damaged. And it makes you feel frustrated when solving such problems after a tiring working day. But, on the other hand, the high-tech products help them achieve 100% light quality with the highest usage time.

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