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Sao Nam Green Technology Company is a lighting contractor in Vietnam. It was born in 2005, formerly known as Sao Nam Company. We provide professional and quality lighting designing consultant services and solutions according to international standards.

Sao Nam Company focuses on developing lighting systems and services. Moreover, we also provide LED lighting products and fixtures that gradually replace traditional lighting products consuming a lot of energy. They include LED lights for indoor and outdoor, residential lighting, industrial lighting, facade lighting, architectural lighting, etc.

Besides, we also aim to give customers smart lighting systems with smart lighting equipment to seize the most experience. As a professional lighting contractor, we are proud to bring high-end lighting design and solutions to your houses and projects.

Take advantage of IoTs to lighting design. We contribute to transforming buildings, urban spaces, and residential areas, helping people use energy more efficiently, and managing a more friendly working environment and living space.

Understanding the necessity of luminaire, we provide excellent lighting experiences from optimal lighting fixtures and lighting design solutions to make people feel safe, comfortable, concentrated, excited, and relaxed. At the same time, we strive towards sustainable, beautiful, and environmentally friendly lighting products and solutions.

We provide optimal lighting solutions:

  1. Indoor lighting solutions

  2. Outdoor lighting solutions

  3. Facade lighting solutions

  4. Professional lighting construction, installation, and design lighting contractor

Our commitment:

  1. Provide the durable, energy-saving latest lighting products with the most advanced technology.

  2. Providing aesthetic, high-performance, and cost-effective lighting design solutions.

  3. Improve your quality of life with meaningful creations.

  4. Help cities maintain and enhance their own identity, realize sustainable lighting development goals.

Our activities always forward to our five core values that have been determined since its establishment:

  1. Convenience.

  2. Quality.

  3. Reasonable price.

  4. Satisfaction.

  5. Aesthetics.

Sao Nam always tries to become one of the best lighting contractors providing high-quality lighting products for projects. We deliver creative lighting design consulting services, the most effective lighting solutions with energy-saving, safe, and environmentally friendly products to enhance excellent customer experiences. We love the Earth, so we join hands to contribute to preserving green and clean environment. 

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