Must-know tips for designing building lighting systems

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Nowadays, lighting systems for buildings and architecture are more popular and essential, especially in big cities. It not only creates the building’s aesthetic but also its harmonies with the surrounding. So let’s find out the must-know tips for setting up a lighting system for building with Sao Nam!

lighting systems

Why should we set up the building lighting system?

Lighting systems for the building are one of the decisive factors of a building’s aesthetics and space.

lighting systems

The building lighting systems ensure illumination for activities and exude the building’s beauty from the overall to the details and enhance its values. In addition, lighting systems help assure the consistency of different architectural styles and areas. From there, it helps to attract customers’ vision and attention. Many building owners also want to use light to convey their messages to people dedicatedly.

Must-know things to pay attention to when designing building lighting systems

To optimize the performance of lighting systems, lighting contractors must create a good design for them.

Take note of building architectures

lighting systems

.Exploring and analyzing the building structures is the first important step when designing lighting systems. The lighting systems need to bring out harmonies and architectures. And they must provide enough light for the building.

In particular, when setting up facade lighting systems, it is necessary to calculate the lighting network at the edge of the building, window panes, or point lighting. Depending on the lighting position, the designer chooses the appropriate lighting. The light’s posts must be considered carefully not to affect the landscape or their moving flows.

The lighting’s positions can be on the ground, the electric poles, under the window railings, ceiling, or architectural decorative points. The lighting systems must be convenient for maintenance or adjustment.

Choosing suitable lighting fixtures

lighting systems

Lighting contractors often carefully choose LEDs for building lighting systems because of their performance and energy efficiency. You need to understand their features, parameters, and specifications. Besides, don’t forget to compare lamps for color, power, luminous flux.

The qualified lighting fixtures should have enough power factor, aesthetic effect, authorized glare level, and save energy.

Estimated lighting time

All lighting systems must be calculated for proper operating time, helping to optimize the controlling process, time, and cost management. The lighting time depends on many factors such as weather conditions, the building’s traffic, purposes, and location. Typically, the perfect lighting period is from 6 pm to night. However, it can change depending on the weather conditions such as insufficient or beautiful,…

At the same time, the system must also ensure enough illuminance during rush time. And at the emergency services such as emergency elevators, parking garages, corridors, etc., lighting contractors can use infrared induction lights to reduce lighting time. In particular, some lighting systems such as facades, gardens, architecture on campus, .. .must have lighting time suitable for the investor’s purposes.

Some popular building lighting options

lighting systems

The building lighting system can be combined with many different options to bring unity.

Facade lighting: Building facade lighting is essential to attract customers’ attention. Lighting fixtures can be set up inside to reflect light on the windows, creating perfect beauty in every detail.

Overall building lighting: The lights are to be mounted at the base of the building and the first window. This solution will create two streams of light that accentuate eye-catching architectural structures.

Column architectural lighting: Using outdoor decorative lights at columns to enhance the overall architecture shows grandeur and solidity.

Roof lighting: The roof lighting system depends on different architectural styles to create a sense of the roof’s shape.

Building surface lighting: Designers will use lamps with multiple beams and appropriate power to illuminate the walls. This method needs to ensure that the light is evenly distributed in height and aesthetic.

Signage lighting: We use lighting for the building’s sign to attract attention and create professionalism. At the same time, it highlights your brands.

Conventional lighting: Using indoor electric lighting systems to provide luminaire for all activities.

Emergency lighting: It is used for emerging areas such as parking garages, emergency elevators, side corridors, etc. The lighting system will be accompanied by light sensors or infrared sensors.. .to detect movements, helping to control operating time and save energy.

LED lights benefits in building lighting systems

Many buildings use LED lighting to optimize efficiency and energy-saving.

LED lights for natural and robust light: LED lights to have white light like sunlight, making users adapt and soothe their eyes. Besides, the light intensity can also be flexibly adjusted depending on the user’s needs.

High lifetime: According to statistics, on average, an LED product will have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours of lighting, as higher ten times than conventional incandescent, fluorescent, or halogen lamps.

High durability: LEDs have stable luminous flux. Even after being illuminated for about 50000 hours, they still retain about 70% of the original brightness.

Less exothermic: LED lights give off low exothermic. Therefore, it can reduce the risk of fire and explosion. In addition, LED lights also do not contain harmful substances such as lead, carbon, or mercury, safe for both the building and the user.

Energy-saving: LED lighting can save nearly 70% of energy, reducing electricity costs for buildings.

lighting systems

Popular types of LED lights in building lighting systems

The building lighting systems include many devices and lights. Each one will have its own installation, specifications, and functions.

Facade lights

The building facade reflector is a simple building decoration solution, achieving high aesthetic efficiency and saving. Based on the building’s structure, you can choose lamps with waterproof and dustproof technology to ensure the aesthetics and durability of the product.

Facade lights are outdoor LED lights, with long beam distance and beam angles ranging from 8°/15°/25°/30°/45°, to stand for the building at night. Facade lights are installed outside the building, so it has an IP66 rating or higher, which means that the LED must be waterproof and dustproof.

LED headlights

LED headlights, also known as Floodlights, are often used to illuminate outdoor columns, illuminate high-rise buildings to create light effects, and catch customer’s eyes.

It would be best to choose suitable LED floodlights for the building’s architecture, with the appropriate projection angle and lighting effect. LED floodlights have many types of power factors from 2w to 2000w. But for architectural lighting projects, we recommend using LED lights with a power factor from 9w, 12w, 18w, 24w, 36w, 50w, 100w, 200w, 300w, 500w, 600w, or other wattages from 9w to 600w.

The advantages of LED floodlights are easy installation, flexible lighting effects, easy software adjustment, seasonal customization, and affordable prices.

APL-F34 headlight: Thanks to the soft and flexible nature of the light string, this product is very suitable for decoration and highlighting with many angles. It is convenient to use about 60 lights per meter. A 5-meter long coil has about 300 lights in all. The lamp has an operating voltage of 12V and various colors. The size of the lamp is 5000 x 8mm.

APL-F31 headlight: LED light cover is made from cast aluminum with black paint. So it is waterproof when used outdoors. F31 lights are very suitable for the facade or the sides of the building. Lamp lengths range from 199 to 459mm, width from 189 to 330mm, and height from 730 to 177mm. This headlamp model has power factors from 30W to 200W.

APL-F38 floodlight: The light provides white light, making buildings stand out at night. The powerful light of the lamp is suitable for all constructions and buildings. This product has two power factors:110W and 220W. The standard size of the F38 lamp models is 500 x 53mm.

LED-Wall Washer Lights

Wall washer lights are also known as wall washing lights or LED trough lights. With LED bar structure, design LED eyes from 1w to 9w running long in the LED trough, helping the light spread evenly over a large area. LEDs are often installed at the wall base to optimize lighting effects and enhance aesthetics while optimizing installation.

LED Bar Lights

3W LED Bar Light: This light is suitable for installation in the facade of large buildings or decoration of large centers. It is constructed like a long bar with 36 3W bulbs in all. The product uses RGB color mixing mode so that it can create millions of vivid colors. The overall power factor is 108W. The standard size of the lamp is 1000 x 88 x 88mm.

Outdoor waterproof LED bar light: LED lighting is highly durable, especially outdoors and highlights for every building. Its power factors are 5W, 7.2W, and 14.5W. They are using SMD 5050 LED chips. Customers can choose the single light type or change color at will. The size of the lamp is 315 x 500 x 1000mm.

LED String Lights:

Multi-colour LED lights: Thanks to the soft and flexible nature of the string lights, they are suitable for decoration, creating building’s accents with many angles. It is convenient to use about 60 lights per meter. A 5-meter long coil has about 300 lights in all. The lamp has an operating voltage of 12V and various colors. The size of the lamp is 5000 x 8mm.

Single-color LED string lights: The lamp has a variety of single colors for customers to choose from. The size of the lamp is 5000 x 8mm.

The building lighting systems require a lot of effort, thoughtfulness, and creativity, requiring a knowledgeable and experienced team.

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